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Hardwood Floor Flooding And Water Damage

We Are The Atlanta Experts In Water Restoration Atlanta – 24/7 Emergency Help Available!  The techs at Champion Cleaning Systems are experts when it comes to flood cleanup in different types of properties. Wood floors and laminate floors can easily become warped and cracked due to appliance leaks, pipe breaks, and any other type of […]

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Knowing The Signs: The First Steps To Water Damage Prevention In Your Home

The methods behind preventing water damage in your home are neither complicated or glamorous. In fact, they are quite redundant and usually boring. However, the alternative to water wreaking havoc throughout your home is far less desirable. One of the redundant, yet critical aspects of keeping your home water damage free is looking out for […]

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Don’t Toy Around With Fire Damage

Don’t toy around with fire damage. You need to seek professional help from certified and trained technicians that know how to properly clean up the remnants of a fire. Champion Cleaning Systems in Peachtree City is a top-rated fire damage restoration company that can help you get rid of any left-over ash, odor, and soot that could […]

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When Water Damage Occurs In Apartments And Rental Units

Water damage in apartment complexes, condos are offices can result in costly repairs. Lack of tenant knowledge and neglect can cause water damage to be an incredibly expensive overhaul. If your complex has multiple levels, not only will water damage affect the unit of which the damage occurred, but may result in extensive damage to […]

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How to Make Your Home Fire Safe

It is impossible to promise that you will never experience a fire in your Sharpsburg home. But if an emergency does arise, you have fire damage restoration professionals, like Champion Cleaning Systems. There are, however, countless ways to avoid a fire in a home. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or are newly […]

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Stay Safe After A House Fire

Fire damage to a home causes more problems than most people are aware of. There are many hidden health risks associated with house fires, and the remnants a fire leaves behind. From the preceding fire damage to water damage that may eventually occur, the best way to ensure safety for yourself and others in your […]

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When Rain Causes Water Damage

While we don’t experience annual monsoons, the ample rainfall here in Georgia can lead to trouble inside your home. Excessive rain can cause considerable damage when absorbed into porous building materials; it can flood basements, ruin foundations, and contribute to mold growth.  Be aware of how rain can lead to water damage in your homes […]

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How To Handle Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Hardwood floors are a solid investment in a home or business. They are beautiful and modern – and can be quite expensive. So, what happens when a water damage disaster puts your hardwood floors at risk of being destroyed? You need help!  Hardwood Floor Drying Professionals In the age of Do-It-Yourself projects, everyone is seeking […]

Water Damage Due To Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes aren’t always a problem in Georgia, but when the right type of weather hits the cities of Peachtree, Newnan, or Sharpsburg, frozen pipes can cause some serious water damage disasters to homes and businesses.  Frozen Pipe Bursts When pipes are not insulated from freezing weather, water that is stooped up inside the pipes […]

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Preventing Fire Damage from Candles this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you know what that means? Chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, and other gifts for/from your significant other… okay, I’ll admit, I’m not big on the whole “Valentine’s Day gifts” thing like a lot of people are. However, I do love a romantic candlelit dinner, or even a candlelit bubble bath if […]