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professional carpet cleaning

6 Tips That Will Leave Your Carpet Looking Like New in Newnan

  Carpets get dirty, no matter what you do, you can’t stop that from happening. You can, however, ensure that when they do get dirty, you properly care for them to get them clean and keep them looking like new. If you just let the problems pile up, those snags, spills, and everyday accidents can […]

fire damage appliances

Common Fire Hazards Hiding in Plain Sight in Your Home

House fires are scary, life-altering events – and unfortunately, they really can happen to anyone. It is easy to think “oh that will never happen to me,” but it could. Every family Champion Cleaning Systems helps after a fire has the same thought.  However, there are some easy things you can be aware of in […]

water damage professionals

5 Signs of Possible Hidden Water Damage

Water is unpredictable. It does what it wants. Any building – home, business, or otherwise – is full of wall cavities, and empty spaces in floors and ceilings. All of these areas can be perfect hiding places for water. Water leaks can start just about anywhere – a leaking pipe, toilet, bathtub, even the roof. […]

4 Carpet Care Myths BUSTED

Are you the proud owner of new carpet, or in the market for new carpet for your Sharpsburg-area home? Fantastic! New carpet can truly increase the value of a home, and its comfort level for the people living there. After all, what’s better than sinking your feet into a plush, new carpet first thing in […]

mold remediation

What is Mold?

Before we start talking about commercial mold remediation, what exactly is mold? Mold is micro-organisms that are decomposers of dead material such as plants. Mold requires moisture to grow, if you can stop the source of the moisture, then you can help stop the growth of mold. When there is a lot of mold growing […]

How to Create a Family Disaster Plan

  If a disaster suddenly strikes your Coweta County area, it can be crippling. When imminent disaster comes, many families probably wish they would have prepared more. Although many families have compiled a fire emergency plan, it’s important to add to this list to be completely prepared for a disaster. You can have a fun, […]

After a House Fire: Restoring the Contents & Memories

 Did you know after a fire, you might not need to replace everything inside your home? Many restoration companies, including Champion Cleaning Systems in Sharpsburg, offer what’s called full contents restoration. That means while our crews work to restore the actual structure of your home after a fire, we can also clean may of the […]

3rd Annual PHCC Meeting and Expo

We had a great time at the 3rd Annual PHCC Meeting and Expo this year! Here are a few of the highlights from the event:   Plumbing Iron Man Competition Dugger: Mascot for 811 Dig Our Mitigation Manager, Thomas Stuart had a great time manning our booth. It was a pleasure to speak with each […]

puppy training

5 Steps to Saving your Carpet from your New Puppy

  At Champion Cleaning systems, we love puppies AND we love clean carpets. We recommend using a crate to housebreak your new family member. The dog’s natural instinct as a den animal allows you to recreate the crate as his home, a comfortable place to sleep and a safe refuge from stress. Canines’ natural instinct […]

How to remove simple stains

No one wants to deal with carpet stains. Don’t you just hate how they seem to stand out to guests and catch your eye every time you walk past? The carpet cleaning professionals at Champion in Peachtree City have a few tips that can help you prevent and remove simple stains from your carpets. #1. […]