The Do’s And Don’ts Of Water Damage

water damage peachtree city, water damage cleanup peachtree cityDealing with the aftermath of a flood in your home can be a stressful, disorientating, and difficult process. To get through this process with as little stress and difficulty as possible, it is important that you know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do in response to a flood. Thus, we have included below what our professional restoration technicians at Champion Cleaning Systems in the Peachtree City area recommend you do and don’t do after a flood.

Do- Stop The Flooding/Leaking As Soon As Possible

If you find that your home is flooding, your first concern is to stop the flow of water as soon as possible. The longer the flooding is allowed to continue, the worse the overall damage will be. A couple ways you can prepare for this are to know where your water shutoff valve is and have water detection devices in place in your home. Knowing where your water shutoff valve allows you to easily stop the flow of water in the event of a burst pipe. Having water detection devices allow you to be notified as soon as any flooding begins. Because of this, you can make sure your water is turned off as quickly as possible.

Do- Air Out Your Home As Much As You Can

Airing out your home is a very simple way to minimize the overall flood damage. You can do this by simply opening all the doors and windows that you can. The natural air circulation will significantly speed up the drying process. Another way to air out your home is to turn on as many fans as you safely can to blow on the affected areas.

Do- Begin the Restoration Process As Soon As Possible

Water damage is extremely time sensitive. Every hour that your home and possessions remain underwater or affected by moisture, the overall amount of damage increases. Thus, it is critical that you begin to undertake the restoration process as soon as you possibly can after a flood. The best way to do this is to contact a certified cleaning and restoration company right away. We at Champion Cleaning Systems in the Peachtree City area are one such company available for 24/7 emergency response in all types of water damage situations.

Don’t- Enter The Flooded Area Until Its Safety Is Confirmed

Oftentimes floodwater carries harmful bacteria and microbes with it. Sometimes this is obvious and you can even see the sewage in it. However, sometimes you can’t see it with the naked eye at all. That’s why it’s important to be very careful cleaning up floodwater since it could make you sick.

Don’t- Allow For Any Remaining Moisture After The Restoration Process

A common mistake that people make in the water damage restoration process is not being completely thorough. Any remaining moisture, even just a small amount, can become a breeding ground for mold growth and insect infestations. Fortunately, you can avoid this by hiring a quality cleaning and restoration company to thoroughly inspect and restore all the damage.