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When Rain Causes Water Damage

While we don’t experience annual monsoons, the ample rainfall here in Georgia can lead to trouble inside your home. Excessive rain can cause considerable damage when absorbed into porous building materials; it can flood basements, ruin foundations, and contribute to mold growth.  Be aware of how rain can lead to water damage in your homes […]

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Water Damage Disasters: What Is Covered

Homeowner’s Insurance: What Your Policy Likely Does and Does NOT Cover after a Flood If there is some kind of water loss or flood in your home this spring, do you know if your homeowner’s insurance will cover it? This is one area where insurance policies often experience a gray area or coverage; and too […]

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5 Signs of Possible Hidden Water Damage

Water is unpredictable. It does what it wants. Any building – home, business, or otherwise – is full of wall cavities, and empty spaces in floors and ceilings. All of these areas can be perfect hiding places for water. Water leaks can start just about anywhere – a leaking pipe, toilet, bathtub, even the roof. […]