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After A Small Kitchen Fire

It happens to everyone– you preheat the oven and in a few minutes, some melted cheese from last night catches fire and the smoke billows through the kitchen. Or a crumbly piece of dry bread ignites in the toaster. After you put out the fire, reset the smoke alarm, and open the windows, you look […]

fire damage peachtree city, fire damage cleanup peachtree city

How To Handle Fire Damage Like A Boss

You come back from a night on the town with your significant other and enter your apartment.  What you see upon going through the doorway, is not the same building that you left several hours earlier. The entire place smelled of smoke and burnt fabric. Thankfully, no flames remained in sight, but by your own […]

fire damage peachtree city, fire damage cleanup peachtree city

How To Protect Yourself From Fire Damage

Unfortunately, most people who are interested in preventing or preparing for a home fire are people who have already experienced fire damage. They many times will wonder what they could have done differently so that they would not have had such devastating losses. Many times there was nothing they could have done differently and accidents […]

fire damage peachtree city, fire damage cleanup peachtree city

Don’t Toy Around With Fire Damage

Don’t toy around with fire damage. You need to seek professional help from certified and trained technicians that know how to properly clean up the remnants of a fire. Champion Cleaning Systems in Peachtree City is a top-rated fire damage restoration company that can help you get rid of any left-over ash, odor, and soot that could […]

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Preventing Fire Damage from Candles this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you know what that means? Chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, and other gifts for/from your significant other… okay, I’ll admit, I’m not big on the whole “Valentine’s Day gifts” thing like a lot of people are. However, I do love a romantic candlelit dinner, or even a candlelit bubble bath if […]

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Fire Damage Prevention Tips in Peachtree City

  Now that the Holiday season has arrived, it is a great time to spend time with your family and friends you love. However, experiencing a house fire during the holiday season could be devastating. Here are a few tips to help prevent fire damage in your Peachtree City home so you can have a […]