Cleaning Up The Worst Messes – Sewage Damage Requires Special Help

Everything that is sent down your drains becomes sewage on the way out. This includes the obvious bathroom waste plus hygiene products, cleaning chemicals, food waste and other potentially dangerous compounds. Any leak of this dirty water, teaming with disease causing bacteria, can cause very serious illnesses for your family.

Since these materials combine and react in the plumbing system, all residential sewage leaks should be considered hazardous and an emergency. An experienced team is needed to handle a “black water” emergency because of the high toxicity levels. We at Champion Cleaning Systems will provide a  quick response time and proper safety equipment. 

If you’ve had a sewer leak in your Newnan home, be proactive; this is not an everyday DIY clean-up. You need to know:

Can It Make Me Sick?

This “water” is extremely dirty and contain pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and amoebas. (Pathogens are any microorganisms that can cause illness in humans.) While the bacteria that naturally live in the human gut are non-pathogenic inside the body, they can be pathogenic if they are ingested through physical or airborne contact with the nose, mouth, or open cut once they have left the body as waste. 

Plus, raw sewage is an ideal medium for many other dangerous organisms that grow outside the body. For example, botulism,  E-coli, salmonella, intestinal amoebas, and cholera can be carried in raw sewage.

Can Even the Smell Make me Sick?

Your nose knows something is wrong. But is it dangerous? Sewage generates carbon dioxide, methane, chlorine, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Specifically, hydrogen sulfide, or “sewer gas” occurs in nature in crude petroleum, volcanoes, and hot springs. But in your home, it is the result from the bacterial breakdown of organic waste matter. At low levels, it has a strong odor similar to rotten eggs and does not usually make you sick. However, at higher levels, hydrogen sulfide gas can definitely cause illness. 

Who Should I Call?

Of course you need to address the physical plumbing structure that failed and allowed the leak, but you need to contact a full service restoration team to immediately deal with potential contamination. 

Experts like Champion’s black water restoration crew can provide the latest in high tech tools to conduct a thorough inspection of the property, determine the extent of the damage and efficiently decontaminate your home. Champion technicians will use proper personal protective equipment (PPE), proper skin protection (Tyvek coveralls), hand protection (exam gloves and/or leather gloves), goggles, and respirators. Containment will be set up as needed to limit the risk of secondary damage to unaffected areas of the location. You won’t want someone tracking that “stuff” onto your carpet and through your house.

 When choosing a contractor, look for IICRC certified technicians to complete tests to ensure proper drying and removal of all toxic materials. You will have the best chance of recovering your items with a full service contractor. 

Water Damage Cleanup in Peachtree City

Rely on Champion Cleaning Systems for black water and sewer clean-up.Their industrial grade dehumidifiers, high-speed air movers, and documented drying process will return your wet mess into a safe, beautiful and comfortable home. The experienced team is on-call to respond 24 hours a day. To report an emergency, please contact us.