Contents Cleaning

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After a fire or water disaster in your home or business, the damage goes beyond just the structure. Everything in the damaged area including furniture, books, photographs, artwork, electronics, and other personal items may also have damage, and can be cleaned and restored by our contents cleaning technicians.

At Champion Cleaning Systems, we have a state-of-the-art contents cleaning and restoration facility where we will clean and restore your belongings. We also have the ability to clean some contents on-site at your property. Many items can be cleaned and restored after water damage or fire damage, and when it comes to rare, valuable or cherished items that cannot be replaced, contents restoration may be the answer. In may also be less expensive to restore damaged items, rather than replace the item.

contents cleaningContents Pack-Out and Inventory

We use advanced technology to inventory and catalog all of your belongings that we transport to our contents cleaning and restoration facility, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are being tracked and cared for. After inventorying the items, we will carefully pack the items for transport to our facility.

We have a secure, climate-controlled storage facility where your items will be kept until they are ready to be returned to your home. You will have access to your belongings at all times, and after your home is ready we will deliver your items to you.